Baldis Basics in Education and Learning 1.2.2

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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is an independently developed game done in the style of early edutainment software titles.

Originally released on by mystman12 in March 2018, Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is a game that masquerades as a retro edutainment program for kids similar to Sonic's Schoolhouse and I.M. Meen. The first playable release was version 1.2.2, and it was intended as a demo that showcases what the full game will be like. After version 1.3, a Kickstarter campaign was launched, which successfully raised funding for the remaining development work.

Baldi's Basics is presented by its developer as a game that's "not what it seems." It begins innocuously as a game that teaches kids basic skills like reading and math, but it quickly becomes something different. There's a bully at school named Baldi who impedes your progress, and he has friends that help him. The object of the game soon becomes obvious: You need to gather seven notebooks to get out of school. Like many RPGs, the game confronts you with puzzles that are solved by finding the right items in the environment and discovering how to use them.

The interface of Baldi's Basics is similar to the pixelated, first-person perspective that was popular in role-playing games during the 1990s before graphics cards brought true 3D to computer games. You navigate the school using the keyboard to move in four directions and the mouse to turn right and left. Running is accomplished by holding down the shift key, and you can glance behind you during a chase with the space bar.

Baldi's Basics is a retro game brought to us by an independent game developer that's fun for kids and nostalgic for parents who grew up playing the games that inspired it. It'll be interesting to see the new content that the next version will add.


  • Retro game play that mimics 1990s edutainment games
  • A fun puzzle solving experience


  • The game is still incomplete

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